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Crosbyton police chief calls allegations 'absolutely frivolous'

Crosbyton Police Chief Greg Parrott Crosbyton Police Chief Greg Parrott

TheCrosbyton police chief has been put on leave following allegations ofharassment.

Greg Parrott told us he was put on leave last week after the cityreceived a complaint that he harassed a young couple.

Parrottsays the Crosbyton City Administrator Margot Hardin and Mayor Dusty Corneliushanded him a written complaint along with his administrative leave letter.

Parrotsays the complaint is "absolutely frivolous."

The complaint says Parrott made falseaccusations against the couple and brought in Child Protective Services.

The complaint states "it was humiliating to me and my family…itis not right to be treated like criminals when no crime was in place."

Parrott admits to calling CPS on the young couple but says it waswarranted.

He says he responded to a loud music complaint from an anonymouscaller last month.

When he arrived at the home, he says he found beer bottles on theproperty.

Parrott says he knew an underage couple lived there and that thecouple had a newborn.

After a Crosbyton toddler was found dead in her caregiver's homelast year, Parrott says he felt the need to call CPS just to be safe.

Parrott stands by his statement that he has done nothing wrong andsays he wants to be completely transparent about everything.

Parrotsays he has had three complaints filed against him in the past year. He says hewas never told those complaints were validated.

Parrott says the city told him there is an apparent fourthcomplaint, but he says they couldn't tell him what it was.

Hesays the city told him to call their city attorney, whom he says he hasn't beenable to reach.

Parrott's employment status will be addressed at the Crosbytoncity council meeting next Tuesday at 7 p.m.

KCBD called both Hardin and Cornelius for a comment, but have notheard back as of Wednesday evening.

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