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Teacher You Can Count On - Debi Davis

Besides teaching second grade math at Stewart Elementary, Debi Davis has a talent for song writing.

"They just love her and they have fun you can see them. When she made up the rap, they loved it," says April Turner, a teaching assistant at Stewart Elementary.

"It actually helps the kids learn a little bit easier and remember the facts," says Davis.

Singing is just the beginning of Davis' creative style of teaching. She also believes in the importance of interactive teamwork.

"We've got a lot of partner work and team work to be able to work with other people because no matter what they're going to be doing in their lives, they're going to be working together," says Davis.

Her students agree that in Davis' class, calculating math is never boring.

"She does fun things with us," says Laurena Aleman, a second grader at Stewart Elementary.

"She's a good teacher. I like her," says Victor Zuniga, a second grader at Stewart Elementary.

Davis' ability to make math fun and her innovative way of explaining the basics is what makes her a teacher you can count on.

"She's just a really caring person who really loves to teach. When I first met her it was you know I do this because its fun and most people think that's like a generic answer but she really really means it," says Turner.

When Davis is not busy composing math songs for her students, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Rob and step daughter, Abby. Now if you want us to recognize a teacher that has made an impact in your life, send an e mail to teacher@kcbd.com.

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