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Cause of Death in Quadruple Murder Confirmed

The autopsy findings were not surprising. Homicide, four counts. The cause of death concurred with Monday's bloody description, blunt force trauma with the additional use of "a sharp instrument". Perhaps a knife, perhaps something else.

New information not from the crime scene? The discovery that Tammy Cooper had two other children. "I know these things happen to other people, I just don't see this happening to me," said 23-year-old Waltrenea Cooper. She lives in Ft. Worth, and last spoke to her mother two months ago. "I don't know how they could do this," she said. "They took my mom away, they took my brothers and sister. And now I don't have anything," she said.

Tammy's other daughter? 30-year-old Letrevia Cooper who lives in Los Angeles. But family members have been unable to find her, meaning that most likely, she does not know that her mother and siblings are dead. "Whoever it is, if they want to have a clear conscience, they need to come forward," says Cooper.

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