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Mayor says EUB wants to demote LP&L CEO Gary Zheng

LP&L CEO Gary Zheng (KCBD File Photo) LP&L CEO Gary Zheng (KCBD File Photo)


The Mayor and the Chairman of the Electric Utility Board disagree on Dr. Gary Zheng. That's not news.

What is news is that the Mayor today made allegations that secret meetings have taken place where EUB members have discussed reassignment or demotion of LP&L CEO Gary Zheng.

"The main thing is we've got to bring credibility to that process and Gary brings credibility to that process as far as his value to LP&L and to the board," said EUB Chairman Greg Taylor in our interview today.

Taylor went on to express the board's confidence in Dr. Zheng's ability to lead the electric utility toward a solution for electrical power generation for 2019 and after.

We asked Mayor Glen Robertson for his reaction. Robertson has been critical of Zheng and has accused him of lying to the board.

"Well that surprises me, especially since I heard this morning and I'm guessing he didn't share with you that their personnel committee has been discussing at length trying to transfer Gary Zheng to a position of less authority," Robertson said.

That seems to be news to everyone. We reached out to the chairman of the personnel committee, EUB member Charles Dunn, and Dunn told us that this was the first he had heard of any demotion or reassignment.

Last week the EUB voted to release the Ashcroft Report. That report accused Zheng of telling several different stories to his board last fall about the way the RFP was written and who wrote it.

EUB Chairman Greg Taylor called those "ambiguities" today and said that if he had it to do over, Zheng would do things differently.

KCBD and the Sandstorm Scholar have tried repeatedly to interview Zheng but he has declined to go on camera.

KCBD will continue to bring you more on this as the story develops.

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