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Citizens challenge council over NELCDC funding


On Thursday night, Lubbock citizens made their case directly to members of the North and East Lubbock Community Development Corporation.

For nearly two hours, citizens and council members engaged in heated debate about the hundreds of thousands of dollars the city has given to the nonprofit.

One East Lubbock citizen asked, "That money is going to go to one of these districts, why can't it go to the district that needs it the most?"

More than a dozen representatives of the NELCDC stood when Councilman Victor Hernandez asked them to. There were passionate opinions on both sides.

"Would any of you invest your own money in such a scheme without details or assurances?" another Lubbock citizen asked.

KCBD has been investigating the issue continuously in response to questions raised about conflicts of interest inside the organization.

NELCDC was created to economically develop North and East Lubbock. Our investigation has never questioned the need for assistance in that area. Our focus has been on how the money is being spent.

"I believe the NELCDC should be dissolved and I further ask that Councilwoman Joy recuse herself from any votes," one citizen told the council.

But citizens weren't the only ones openly expressing their opinions. The Mayor and numerous council members joined in the debate.

In the end, Councilman Hernandez said the council will schedule a work session devoted to the NELCDC issue. He encouraged anyone with questions to be present

KCBD will be there as our investigation continues.

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