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West Texas Outlaws push back on bullying

Kelby Springer Kelby Springer

Lubbock's semi-pro football team strapped on their pads to battle for more than just a win on Saturday.

The West Texas Outlaws made Saturday's match-up all about bully prevention titled "Don't Bully, Make a Friend."

The idea was inspired by Outlaw corner Marlon Williams.

"Bullies defer people from that growth in life of just accepting who they are," Williams says. "Of looking in the mirror and liking what I see or I like who I am."

His vision for the game is to encourage younger generations to know they're valued and important.

"We just want to show kids they're loved and they're special."

And after a season of faithful cheering, one fourth grade boy represented those younger generations in a very special way.

Kelby Springer may not be taller that five feet, but his presence towers over the grown men he's cheering on.

Springer served as an honorary captain and led his team onto the field for the coin toss.

"Very great," Springer said about his role in the game. "It was awesome to be the coin-tosser today."

He rode the journey through the season and established a special relationship with the team.

"They treat me like a friend," Springer says. "Just like a buddy and like a king."

But Williams says he's more than just a friend on the sideline.

"He's an inspiration to us and to other kids just like him."

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