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Idalou students yarn bomb the town for a good cause

Amy Ivins Amy Ivins

Idalou has become a rainbow of color. Trees, poles and local businesses covered in multicolored yarn. The process is known yarn bombing, and it's all for a good cause.

"We're just going out there and doing as much as we possibly can," said Idalou High School Art Teacher Amy Ivins. "The goal is that people will drive down the streets of Idalou and down the main highway and that they will think of Evan and his family and pray for them first of all and then hopefully be willing to donate."

Ivins is talking about Evan Thiel. Evan is a former Idalou student who was severely injured in a car accident last May.

"He's had a severe head injury which has severely limited his quality of life," she said. "Right now he's not able to walk or talk. He's been in some rehab facility but now he's back here in Lubbock."

Ivins had previous experience with yarn bombing, but on a much smaller scale. When she realized that Evan needed help it seemed like the perfect way to create awareness for the cause.

The community has responded. They were also helped by art students from Ralls and Crosbyton.

"We started off by just getting groups in the community and school groups, organizations to volunteer to yarn bomb something here in town," Amy said. "That group was responsible for raising funds however they wanted to. Some people just donated out of their pocket, some people did their own mini fundraiser like selling t-shirts or providing meals and taking money for donations."

"We've had it in the paper here in town so a lot of the people kind of knew what was going on but not really what to expect. I think for the most part people are really excited and encouraged by the fact that so many people have come together for one singular purpose."

Ivins doesn't know exactly how much money has been raised but is grateful for everyone's generosity. Ivins says Evan's family can't believe the support.

"They just got back last night and got to drive through town. I think they're pretty impressed and humbled by the whole situation."

Ivins says Evan isn't expected to walk again. She says right now his only form of communication is through movement of his thumb and some emotional cues.

You can donate to help Evan at any Vista Bank or City Bank location.

Ivins says this fundraiser proves what a special community she is a part of.

"It just kind of shows what has always been there, that we're full of love and compassion and are willing to give and help in any way we can."

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