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Windcrest Holds Neighborhood Meeting

They came to talk about security at Windcrest. Four days after four murders, the Lubbock Housing Authority held a meeting for Section 8 residents to discuss the aftermath. "This is a community problem, a situation here," said one resident.

The meeting however was closed to the media. "Can we come in?" asked NewsChannel 11. "No," said Section 8 Administrator Diane Hamilton. Why? 'The residents want a private meeting," she said. "Is it the residents or the Lubbock Housing Authority?" asked NewsChannel 11. "The residents," she said.

Really? Because every single resident NewsChannel 11 interviewed said differently. No one objected. Nevertheless, "We can't just expose all of our people to the media without getting exclusive authorization by the residents themselves," said LHA Executive Director Oscar Jones.

Without written authorization from each and every person, no cameras would be allowed. Besides, said Jones, security probably wasn't the main reason residents had attended. "I think that what the residents came here for was hoping that they could get their leases broken in the middle of a contract year," said Jones.

While the Lubbock police chief was in attendance, LHA stressed that they do not own Windcrest Estacado. The plea for tighter security must be made elsewhere.

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