Colonoscopy Care

Last night we told you about a screening, colonoscopy, which has led to a 30% drop in colon cancer rates in the past decade. It turns out, among those who are not getting the test as recommended over age 50; many complain it's the cleansing the night before that scares them off.

Dr. Tim Miller, a gastroenterologist, says we've come a long way from the giant orange drink that was the standard for years. Instead, today, there are many options, including pills. But, he says there is still no substitute for what this screening can find and prevent.

"Literally you fall completely asleep, do not feel a thing during the procedure, that's what makes the procedure so easy, you snooze right through it. Remove polyps which turn into cancer, we take those out during the procedure, then that's how we prevent cancer, recommended for everyone to get screened starting at age 50, if you have a family history of colon cancer, age 40," says Dr. Miller.

He also adds the good news is if you get a clean report card, you don't need to have another screening for 10 years, and even if they find a polyp, you may not have to come back for three to five years.

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