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Lubbock woman collecting cookware stickers to help Tent City


For months Leslie Moss has made it her goal to collect as many United stickers as possible. But she doesn't plan on reaping any of the benefits.

Her main goal is to donate as many pots and pans as possible to Lubbock's Tent City.

So far she has collected $118,000 worth of stickers and she's still going strong.

The United cookware giveaway lasts until March 25 and Moss says she will continue to collect until then.

After months of promoting the idea on Facebook and many helping hands later, Moss says she's pleased with the way the project has blossomed.

"If we can share God's grace through a shiny new pot or pan I think that's giving the world a lot." Moss says.

And those who have helped say she's inspired them to help others.

12-year-old Ellyn Brashear and her 5-year-old sister Lauren say they have known Leslie all their lives.

"She is very generous to think of this," Ellyn says. "She's a wonderful role model. Me and my sister both grew up around her. We call her our aunt Leslie."

Brynlee Bain, 8, knows Leslie through church and says she's one of the most giving people she knows.

"She helps everybody, even people who don't have a home." Bain says.

Les Burrus works with ministries tied to Tent City. He says this kind of gift is just what residents need.

"When they do get a job and get into an apartment, we reward them and say hey we want to bless you here's a reward for all the hard work you've done," Burrus said.

Stickers can be dropped off at Parkhill Smith & Cooper at 4222 85th Street in Lubbock.

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