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Should UIL add shot clock for basketball?


With some basketball teams opting to hold the ball and stall with a four corners offense, many states are considering adding a shot clock for high school basketball.

Right now only eight states use high school shot clocks: California, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, North Dakota, South Dakota, Rhode Island and Washington.

Would the UIL think of adding one for Texas high school basketball? UIL Executive Director Charles Breithaupt says it's been talked about.

"The shot clock has always been a point of contention. A lot of people think we need it. We don't have that many games where strategy is utilized to slow the game down. Sometimes coaches use that strategy because they feel they are out manned and I think it's a big part of the game."

If you think adding a shot clock would increase scoring, Breithaupt says think again.

"If you watch the NCAA statistics the last 20 years since they added a shot clock, scoring and field goal attempts have gone down, rather than up. That anomaly is not noted by people. If it doesn't improve scoring and doesn't get more shot opportunities, what's the purpose to add it?"

Of course, there would be cost involved to add a shot clock in Texas, but if wanted, it's something that could be added by the UIL.

"The shot clock is not something that difficult to implement. Having someone else to implement that and the officials to have to implement that. We can adapt to do that if that's what our schools want."

But Breithaupt says at this point It's not something the majority of UIL schools want to add.

"For the most part, the surveys that come back to us show our schools do not want a shot clock."

For now, there's no shot clock on discussing adding a shot clock in Texas.

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