Food for Thought Report: 3.20

For a complete overview of the Violations see below.

No Critical Violations

Abuelo's Taqueria

4410 19th St.


Anna's Kettle Corn (Mobile)

115 N Ave M


Caprock Cafe

5217 82nd St.


Costco - Deli6020 34th St.-
Crusty's Wood Fired Pizza3606 61st St.-
Lanter Tavern (Bar)3502 Slide Rd.-
Lantern Tavern (Restaurant)3502 Slide Rd.-
Mediterranean Cafe3624 50th St.-
Mi Casita Care Center2400 Quaker Ave.-
Mr & Mrs Potato & Sons6417 33rd St.-
Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage7208 Slide Rd.-
Natural Grocers (Grocery)7208 Slide Rd.-
Parker's Place12002 Trafalgar-
Pollys Place1924 Ave A-
Rob's Bar-B-Q6209 13th St.-
South Plains Food Bank4612 Locust-
Stripes2025 Clovis Rd.-
Stripes5801 19th St.-
Tanglewood Village5501 34th St.-
Teddy Bear Academy1626 17th St.-
Texas Tech Early Head Start515 N Zenith-
United 5012630 Parkway-

One Critical Violation

Club Manaj2216 Buddy Holly20
Garrison Geriatric Care Center3710 4th St.25
Jimmy John's4730 Slide Rd.22
Klusoz1802 Buddy Holly24
La Super (Bakery)2131 Clovis Rd.16
Lone Star Auto Auction2706 E Slaton20
Fazoli's4008 82nd St.13
House of Hookah1618 Buddy Holly12
Mama Josie's Kitchen4719 66th St.13
Oriental Market4220 50th St.9
Rise N Shine Donuts7803 University Ave.13
Chili Dog Cafe5903 82nd St.2
Crawdaddy's5725 82nd St.3
Dickey's Barbeque5412 Slide Rd.2

Two or More Critical Violations

Freddy's Frozen Custard7732 Milwaukee Ave.8,16
Gas Light (Restaurant)5212 57th St.13,20
Natural Grocers (Produce)7208 Slide Rd.8,16

Windmill Village

507 MLK8,20
Lakeside Care Center4306 24th St.8,13
Pinkies BBQ10207 Hwy 873,22
Lubbock Christian University5601 W 19th St.3,7
Tastee Burgers2434 N Clovis Rd.2,12


1208 50th St.13,21,25
Hub City Wings1902 34th St.12,13,25
Rise N Shine Donuts410 Frankford Ave.12,13,22
Dimba's421 Frankford Ave.2,13,25
Fuzzy's Taco Shop10101 Slide Rd.2,12,21
La Super (Grocery)2131 Clovis Rd.2,12,25
Sherick Memorial2502 Utica2,10,25
Jakes5025 50th St.3,8,13
Lone Star Bar609 18th St.8,17,21,25
Rise N Shine Donuts8001 Quaker Ave.3,7,8
La Super (Meat)2131 Clovis Rd.7,12,16,25
Pinocchio's Pizza5404 4th St.12,13,17,25
Dimbas5010 Quaker Ave.2,8,20,21
Rockfish Seafood Grill6253 Slide Rd.7,8,10,21
Cujos Sports Bar & Grill (Restaurant)5811 4th St.2,7,13,21
 Furr's Cafeteria6001 Slide Rd. 2,8,13,25 
Cujos Sports Bar & Grill (Bar)5811 4th St.21,25
Subway3302 Ave Q24,25
Capital Pizza2705 26th St.8,25
La Super (Restaurant)2131 Clovis Rd.7,8,12,13
East Point Market1540 E 19th St.2,3,9,24
J&N Cafeteria2301 N University3,7,8,13
Mr. Gatti's5001 50th St.3,10,13,21,25
Rise N Shine Donuts6302 Frankford Ave.7,8,11,12,13
Steak N Shake5012 Milwaukee Ave.3,7,12,13,24
Buns Over Texas3402 73rd St.2,5,7,12,25
Texas Land and Cattle7202 Indiana Ave.3,11,12,13,20,21
Stripes806 34th St.1,2,3,8,13,22,24

Demerits 5 Points

Food (Potentially Hazardous) Temperature Requirements Violations Require Immediate Corrective Action


Proper Cooling for Cooked/Prepared Food


Cold Hold (41 Degrees Fahrenheit/45 Degrees Fahrenheit)


Hot Hold (140 Degrees Fahrenheit)


Proper Cooking Temperature per PHF


Rapid Reheating Temperature (165 Degrees Fahrenheit in Two Hours)

Demerits 4 Points

Personnel/Food Handling/Source Requirements Violations Require Immediate Corrective Action to Be Taken


Personnel with Infections Restricted/Excluded


Proper/Adequate Handwashing


Good Hygienic Practice (Eating/Drinking/Smoking/Other)


Approved Source/Labeling


Sound Condition


Proper Handling of Ready-to-Eat Foods (sanitized hands, gloves, utensils)


Cross Contamination of Raw/Cooked Foods/Other Areas


Approved Systems(HACCP Plans/time as Public health Control)


Water Supply - Approved Source/Sufficient Capacity/Hot and Cold Under Pressure

Demerits 3 Points

Facility and Equipment Requirements Violations Require Immediate Corrective Action, Not to Exceed 10 Days


Equipment Adequate to Maintain Product Temperature


Handwash Facilities Adequate and Accessible


Handwash Facilities With Soap and Towels


No Evidence of Insect Contamination


No Evidence of Rodents/Other Animals


Toxic Items Properly Labeled/Stored/Used


Manual Warewashing and Sanitizing at ( ) ppm/temperature


Mechanical Warewashing and Sanitizing at ( ) ppm/temperature


Approved Sewage/Wastewater Disposal System. Proper Disposal


Thermometers Provided/Accurate/Properly Calibrated (2 Degrees Fahrenheit)


Food Contact Surfaces of Equipment and Utensils Clean/Sanitized/Good Repair


Posting of Consumer Advisories (Heimlich chart/Raw Shellfish Warning/Buffet Plate)


Food Establishment Permit