A new blood test could predict Alzheimer's Disease

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - There is a new test that could predict if someone will get Alzheimer's disease.

Researchers at Georgetown University say they've developed a blood test that can determine if someone in their 70s will develop Alzheimer's in the next few years with 90% accuracy.

Some wonder why someone would want to know this problem is coming.

The Alzheimer's Association says the test allows people to plan.

"So while they are able to make long term plans; whether that's care related or end of life related, it allows the person who has the diagnosis to be able to do that," said the Alzheimer's Association.

The test looks at 10 lipids or fats in the blood.

Researchers believe those lipid levels decrease as brain cells die before signs of memory loss begins to show.

The Alzheimer's Association says the test is still years away from being available to the public.

Researchers hope that someday this could allow them time to test new drugs on patients in the early stages of the disease to see what can make a difference.

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