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Spur residents react to Dairy Queen loss


The community of Spur is still in shock Sunday after their local Diary Queen was burned to the ground, taking part of their history with it.

The store's manager, Linda Brown, was there when the blaze started.

"We just smelled wires burning," Brown said. "I went to the back, and the back of the building was on fire. It seemed like some kind of electrical burns."

Spur lost a piece of the community's history along with the restaurant, according to Harry Bob Martin, the chairman of the Dickens County Historical Commission.

"Spur and Dickens County is on the Quanah Parker Trail, and Ms. Richardson, who owns these Dairy Queens, graciously let the historical group put a Quanah Parker Display inside the store," Martin said. "Actually, Quanah Parker's family came from Oklahoma to do the dedication when we put that display in."

Other residents, like Crystal Rogers, said they were sad that the history is lost.

"That sort of thing isn't brought to their attention often," Rogers said, "and so having something like that where people can go and they can read little information about Quanah Parker and things like that - without that being there, it's kind of sad, because a lot of people won't stop to take the time to look it up themselves."

Spur's population is little more than 1,200 people, and for the small community, Dairy Queen was a focal point.

"Every time after a game or after church, that's where everybody went," said resident Lauren Raber. "People got ice cream and hamburgers, and working here at the grocery store, that's what everybody came in and bought yesterday, was stuff to make hamburgers."

For others, like Gordon Hampton, it was also convenient for a change of food options.

"Some days when my mom doesn't want to cook, that's the place I go and get my chicken strips," Hampton said, "but now I'm going to have to settle with just sandwiches and what not. I'm kind of sad, because now we have the Dixie Dog, but nothing beats those Dairy Queen ones. You get the little nacho cheese and it sets it off. It's pretty good."

Most of all, citizens are just relieved no one was hurt.

"Look around, there's not too much to this community," resident Thomas Lee said. "It survives on its people. It's a big loss of jobs to some of the employees. Just thank God nobody was hurt."

It's unclear whether or not the Dairy Queen will be rebuilt, but it is clear that the community hopes they can get their piece of Spur history back as quickly as possible.

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