The new trend in E-cigarette use

You might think who would do something like this? But there's always the risk of someone drinking the liquid nicotine found in e-cigarettes, especially since they come in flavors like cherry and caramel.

So, doctors are warning that could trigger devastating consequences.

"You can get dry mouth, you can get fast heart rate, you can get them acting delirious, sort of out of it, uh, it can cause respiratory depression. It can ultimately be fatal, especially if it was a young child, an infant or an animal," says Dr. Kirk Yoelker with Sarasota Memorial Hospital.

Since the e-cigarette industry is largely self-regulated, unlike cigarettes, there are no mandated warning labels on e liquids.

But, one e-cigarette company released a statement to NBC news saying its products "Are sold in sealed, child-proof packaging...much like you would see on household cleaning products. The problem may come when adults mix those liquids...and the seals are broken."

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