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Investigators say glue, acrobatic maneuvers led to fatal glider crash


Federal investigators say a specific maneuver led to last year's deadly glider crash in Littlefield. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) released their Probable Cause Report on Monday.

The March 30, 2013 crash killed pilot Eddie Hoglan, 79 and his passenger Taylor Brown, 13. Witnesses told investigators that the glider was riding thermals about 2,000 feet above the ground when it appeared to exit a thermal and execute a tight loop.

Investigators say the glider is not approved for aerobatic maneuvers, and that a tight loop is considered an aerobatic maneuver. Witnesses heard a loud sound, saw the glider spinning to the ground, and saw a portion of the right wing separate and fall to the ground. The glider continued to spin until it hit the ground.

Investigators determined that the spin placed too much pressure on the wing, causing it to break. They also discovered that glue used to help secure the wing joints had deteriorated and was a factor in the crash.

PDF: Official NTSB Report

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