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HealthWise at 5 From 11.1

  • Cruise Ship Seniors

If you're in the market for an assisted living facility, look to the sea instead. After analyzing the sky-rocketing cost of senior care in nursing homes, researchers at Northwestern University say it would cost a little more but provide a lot more fun if seniors would spend their later years on a cruise ship instead. Geriatricians found the net cost of living on a cruise ship for 20 years was just $2,000 more than living in a typical assisted living facility, but the cruise line afforded a higher quality of life. After all, cruises have all meals prepared, housekeeping and laundry services plus a nurse and physician on board.

  • Cold Vs. Flu

For the millions of Americans unprotected against the flu this year, every cough and sniffle is potential bad news. So, how do you know when the flu is the flu and a cold is just a cold?

"The symptoms that people have with influenza are often fever, which can be fairly high, aches and pains, respiratory symptoms, cough, congestion and runny nose," says Dr.Mitchell Cohen, the Director of the National Immunization Program for the Center for Disease Control.

"One minute you feel great, the next minute you're very sick. Your fevers are higher, you feel much worse," says Dr. Warren Feldman, a General Practitioner in Miami.

That's the difference. Dr. Cohen says on paper the symptoms look just the same but in person the flu tends to hit like a ton of bricks. That's when health experts say, don't delay talk to your doctor because the vaccine may not be around this year. Doctors also say there are anti-viral drugs that can curb flu symptoms and shorten the life of the virus if you catch it early.

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