Child Abuse: Lubbock county higher than the national average

Last year, more than 1,300 children were confirmed victims of child abuse and neglect in Lubbock County.

Dr. Patti Patterson, Director of Child Abuse Pediatrics at the Health Sciences Center, says you might be surprised to see how our local numbers compare to the national average.

"First, the Texas rates are much higher than national rates, and Lubbock county rates are higher than Texas rates. We're among the highest rates in the country," says Dr. Patterson.

That is a big reason why a child abuse summit is planned all day tomorrow in Lubbock, bringing together health care and social service professionals from all over this region to learn more about child abuse, how to fight the problem, and how to treat the long lasting effects.

Dr. Patterson says 2/3 of adult suicides can be traced back to some negative event in childhood.

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