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Mother credits teachers' intuition with saving child


David Kendrick has big brown eyes, he's a little rosy in the cheeks, and he has a heart of gold. The 9-year-old enjoys spending time with his friends and playing catch after school.

Looking at him, you may never know he has a potentially life-threatening disease.

Just 14 days ago, his mother, Samantha Kendrick, was in the doctor's office and learned what it was.

"He was diagnosing him with Type 1 diabetes, he was sending me to the ER...probably the ICU," Samantha said.

It all began in Mrs. Cannon's classroom, just two days before.

"As he came in, I noticed his face was flushed and red. I had even asked if he was feeling OK and he said yes and I said are you sure," Cannon said.

That was just the first sign.

Two days later, his homeroom teacher, Mrs. Moore, noticed something else.

"He came in that morning, he still kind of seemed like he didn't look right... We're teachers, so we had all already…what's going on? David didn't look like he felt good," Moore said.

Samantha said David didn't have any sort of pain, no fever, no cough, nothing. So she let it go. Until...

"I had texted her and I said, Samantha, something is up. His skin is all mottled and you know he just doesn't act right, he's not acting like David," another one of David's teachers, Mrs. Pounds, said.

That's when Samantha said her life turned upside down.

"Something that seemed just a little different in my little boy turned out to be a huge life-changing diagnosis for him," she said.

Samantha says if it had gone untreated, David could have ended up in a diabetic coma. So he gets a shot at least four times a day.

If his blood sugar is high, they prick him and check via shot again every 30 minutes until he's back up to normal - a sacrifice Samantha says is small given what could happen.

"When I told these teachers that I'm just so thankful to them, and so proud of them, and I thank God for them, they'd say they're just doing their job because they're that humble. But they did so much more and I'm so grateful for them. I owe them everything.  They saved my boy's life."

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