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Parents take to social media to protest mandatory STAAR test


If you're like many kids across the United States, the thought of taking a test gives you goose bumps.

"Test taking in general is just a big thing for me, I get nervous really easy," said Corey Jaushlin.

Jaushlin is a Junior at Monterey High School.

Nervous or not, next week, students in Texas public schools will be put to the test - the STAAR test.

"I'm kinda nervous," said Audrey Flores, a 10th grader at Lubbock High.

Teachers are nervous, too.

"Having to give everything they know in one single day in a four-hour setting, the pressure of that is enormous, and it can cause anxiety in students and anxiety in the building as a whole and especially in teachers," said Alice Keller, a teacher at Irons Middle School.

Many parents don't agree with a single standardized test to determine whether their child advances to the next grade.

"Doesn't necessarily evaluate if a child has mastered that skill or not. t evaluates whether they're good at a test or not," Buddy Gerber said.

Some parents are even taking their concerns to social media to rally against STAAR. Others are actually pulling their kids out of school on test day.

But Keller says that won't help.

"Next time they show up to school they take the make-up test, it's not an option," she said.

Although Keller agrees assessment of students is important, she's not sure relying on a single assessment is the answer.

State Representative Charles Perry does not believe parents should have the option to opt out of the test, but he knows special needs students are also required to take it and wants to look into that.

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