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Animal hospitals report increase in rabies cases this spring


Lubbock animal hospitals are reporting an increase in rabies cases this spring.

Drought and warmer conditions are driving wild animals who may carry rabies into urban areas in search of food and water.

This may put you or your pet at risk of being bitten by an infected animal, such as a skunk or raccoon.

Casey Carrothers with Animal Hospital of Lubbock says pet owners who leave food or water out at night may attract these wild animals.

Owners may also need to bring their pets inside at night, especially if they have not received a rabies vaccination.

"The rabies vaccine for dogs can be given every three years, and in some places they do it every three. We still like to do it every year just to be safe, but once your animal is vaccinated, if they're exposed to rabies they're not going to get sick," Carrothers said.

Animals infected with rabies usually act uncharacteristically and exhibit disorientation.

If you see a suspicious animal in your area, call Lubbock Animal Services at 775-2057.

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