Could bariatric surgery be the solution to those with Type 2 diabetes?

Weight loss surgery can be more effective than taking medication or insulin shots for Type Two diabetes.

That's according to a dramatic new study from the Cleveland Clinic, providing the strongest evidence yet that weight loss surgery can beat diabetes. Researchers there studied 150 by-pass patients, breaking them into 3 groups. Three years later, both groups that had surgery ended up with more weight loss, but, doctors are quick to add that this is not a quick fix.

"Of the patients who had surgery, more than 90% were insulin free," says Dr. Phillip Schauer with the Cleveland Clinic.

"This is a good option for people who just cannot...uh respond to medical treatment, have very poorly controlled diabetes, that isn't responding to anything else," adds Dr. Michael Jensen with the Mayo Clinic.

There are many experts who want people to remember that surgery is no cure for diabetes. Bariatric surgery costs about $50,000, and is often not covered by insurance.

This study is from the Cleveland Clinic and is published in the 'New England Journal of Medicine' and is also presented at the American College of Cardiology's scientific sessions.

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