"Autism at Work"

One of the world's biggest software companies is launching a new plan to bring people on the autistic spectrum into the tech industry.

The software giant, SAP, has just launched a program called "autism at work".

"One of the reasons we're looking at people on the spectrum is they bring abilities we may not have . In order for us to accommodate some of the challenges, we have to provide a different platform," says Jose Velasco, who works for SAP.

"The challenge for a lot of people is social interaction, they're just as smart as other people in the workforce, but they may not enjoy the eye contact, face to face interaction," says Dr. Rosalind Picard, who is the Director of Autism Technology at MIT.

SAP officials say that while they are starting the "autism at work" program just in the silicon valley office, they plan to make the program available at their offices across the country.

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