Tiffany George Pays It Forward: 03/31

Shanika Johnson was this week's recipient of $300
Shanika Johnson was this week's recipient of $300

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Pay It Forward started out this week along West 19th Street between Loop 289 and Milwaukee. We set up with our Pay It Forward sign seeking this week's playmaker.

It didn't take long for our playmaker to show up. Tiffany George pulled into the parking lot after her son Josiah saw our sign. Tiffany was taking her son to the dentist when he told her that she needed to Pay It Forward. He was persistent in getting her to turn around and pull into the parking lot. Sure enough, Tiffany made it before anyone else approached us.

Tiffany and Josiah had both seen Pay It Forward before and Tiffany knew who she wanted to assist. She picked Shanika Johnson as this week's recipient of $300.

When asked why she wanted to help Shanika, she told us that Shanika was a close friend and a single mother of four. She has also battled some health issues, making it stressful to keep on top of things. Tiffany felt that the extra cash would really help out Shanika as she tries to provide for her children.

With that, we took a short journey to Shanika's house. Josiah was super excited because he was the one who told his mother to Pay It Forward in the first place. He told us it felt good to be a part of something nice.

We counted $300 to Tiffany and then walked to Shanika's front door. When we arrived, Shanika was completely surprised. She was afraid to open the door at first, but when she did, Tiffany and Josiah explained what was happening and Tiffany gave her $300 to help out with her children.

Shanika was very grateful and told them, "Thank you" for taking the time to help out. She said the money would be spent to help out on every day expenses since she works and has four children to take care of.

Be looking for our Pay It Forward sign soon. You may become our next playmaker.

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