E-cigarette poisonings, you might be surprised to see who is suffering

You wouldn't think it would be a problem, after all, who would swallow liquid nicotine? But, the CDC says an increasing number of people, especially kids, are facing injury after swallowing, or just touching the liquid nicotine found inside e-cigarettes.

"People do not appreciate the level of toxicity that is present in this e-liquid. This is concentrated nicotine," says Dr. Tim Mcafee, with the CDC

Dr. Mcafee says as e-cigarettes sales have soared in recent years, so have related calls to poison control.

The main symptoms people are reporting include nausea, vomiting and eye irritation, even from touching the liquid nicotine. The so-called e-juice comes in different flavors like cotton candy and bubble gum, which, of course, makes them more interesting to kids.

So, the CDC says please keep e-cigarettes out of reach of young children, as kids under the age of six account for more than half the e-cigarette related calls to poison control.

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