Prom Pressure

Prom could present the perfect opportunity to teach healthy habits to your kids. That's the theory from some experts who say parents can turn some of the pressures into a positive when it comes to that event.

The problem for some, is the expectation of everything that goes into that magical evening, leads to extreme exercise and dieting. School counselors will tell you that typically, there is an increased concern about appearance before a big formal event.

"There are a lot of girls who do crazy fad diets like the juice cleanse," says high school senior Kelly Valdivia.

"We try not to focus as much on actual weight as we do health, but by being healthy one of the by-products is losing weight," says Dr. Mark Wulkan, the surgeon in chief at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.

Dr. Wulkan also says this is the time of year when he sees an increase in teens asking about surgery to drop some pounds. But he says for most the answer is adopting healthy habits, like cutting back on sodas and sweet drinks, since it's estimated the average teen drinks 15 to 20% of their calories.

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