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No Rest for Elections Workers

At about half past eight on election night, ballots starting rolling into the Lubbock County Elections Office. Once they passed inspection by Biff the bomb dog, the ballots would keep elections workers busy until early the next morning. Elections coordinator, Dorothy Kennedy, says, "Everything seemed to go pretty smooth considering all the unexpected weather and things like that."

Weather did put a kink in voter turnout and even the ballots themselves. Kennedy says, "There were several of them that got wet or damp and it just took a while to dry them out so we could run them through the machine." Despite a couple protests from those machines, Kennedy says every vote was counted and every machine tested for accuracy.

Election day may be over, but the work is not. There's still election mail to count, plus all the provisional ballots. Kennedy says, "We'll work and process those them pass them off to the signature verification committee with the mail ballots on Monday."

Elections officials say the small amount of provisional ballots are unlikely to effect any election outcomes. Those outcomes will be finalized by county commissioners on November 15th.

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