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The Anywhere Chair: Does it Work?

Prefer the floor over the couch during television time? A product called the Anywhere Chair does just what is says, you can use it anywhere and we'll prove it first before you go out and spend $40 on this thing.

First, let's talk about a couple of features. The chair has a comfy thick cushion and can be set at any incline. It can also lie flat for easy storage.

The back of the chair also has a mesh pocket so you can slip remote controls or anything else you may want close to you. So far, this test is working out!

Now, let's put our back into it. This would be great for kids who like to play video games. After taking a seat, I realized it was a sturdy chair. I had great things in mind for this Anywhere Chair. I was thinking Texas Tech games, Friday night football games.

But as the test progressed, I quickly learned this chair wasn't anything it claimed it was. It broke in the middle of the test, I mean after all, we had not tested the chair's full strength.

All we did is lean back on the chair, kind of like you might do if you would be losing a video game. The chair broke. That was it. So, guess this chair is not as sturdy as I thought. Don't buy it, it is not worth $40!

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