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Stenholm vs. Neugebauer - The Battle Ends

"As my commercial says, "I'm ready to get back to work," said Neugebauer. Hugs and kisses, handshakes and hoorah. Randy Neugebauer is a congressman, again. "Yes!" he exclaimed.

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Two elections in less than two years. A remarkable feat requiring remarkable stamina. "This has not been an easy process, but you saddled up with us," he said to supporters.

In Abilene... "Disappointing, you bet," said Stenholm. It was red eyes and runny noses, as the Stenholm faithful said farewell to a congressman not quite ready to ride of into the sunset. "I'll always be your Congressman, I just can't vote anymore," he smiled.

That privilege has been bestowed on Randy Neugebauer. A businessman/politician, his perspective on the role of congressman revealed during our visit to Washington. "I think the thing you realize is that this country is run by just 536 elected people, and that's a pretty small board of directors for a pretty large company," he said. Randy Neugebauer is staying on the board. "God bless you and God bless America," he said.

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