Floydada man rebuilds barn after traumatic fire

Don McCandless
Don McCandless

FLOYDADA, TX (KCBD) - Last July, a fire consumed Don McCandless's sale barn at Floydada Livestock Sales, Inc.

"By the time I got here, it was all over," McCandless said. "It was kind of a devastating experience, kind of like losing a loved one. You pull in, and where you've been working for 40 years is lying in ashes on the ground."

He bought the barn, which was built in 1960, with his father in 1973, and had worked there ever since.

However, he was determined to rebuild in the same spot.

"It was pretty traumatic, but you know, everyone just kind of sat around for a minute and was like 'Okay, let's get to work'," he said. "Let's get it cleaned up and get to doing something."

With the help of people from across the state and even from his competitors, McCandless has built a barn even better than the original.

"Things that we said if we ever built another one we would do, well we had a chance to do it," he said. "And so we did."

Every Wednesday, McCandless uses his barn to host a livestock sale. He encourages people to come, even if they're not interested in buying or selling.

"It's a place to come and have coffee in the morning and spend the day," he said.

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