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Attorney wants court hearing for fired Wilson teachers

Kevin Glasheen escorted his clients to the meeting on Tuesday Kevin Glasheen escorted his clients to the meeting on Tuesday
David Backus is the attorney for Wilson ISD David Backus is the attorney for Wilson ISD

Kevin Glasheen has filed for a temporary injunction in Lynn County, trying to get two fired Wilson ISD teachers to be allowed back on campus.

Michelle Story and Patricia Johnson were fired in early March and have been unable to attend any school functions.

"We've asked the school district through their attorney again and again to explain why these teachers are fired and why they're banned from campus and they won't tell us," Glasheen said.

"The nice thing about having a court hearing is we can issue subpoenas to the principal and superintendent, put them on the witness stand and have them explain their reasons for firing these teachers and banning them from campus. So depending on what they say the school could allow these teachers to participate as normal parents at school functions."

The injunction would temporarily prevent the school from banning the teachers from campus events, including graduation later this spring, until a trial can be held to grant a permanent injunction. Glasheen says the hearing will be held on April 22. He announced the legal action to the school board at Tuesday night's meeting.

"I'm telling them to keep their heads up and that they don't have to live in fear - that we still live in a free country. I had to encourage them to come to the meeting tonight because they were worried about getting arrested," he said. "It's a sad day when peaceful, law abiding citizens can't show up at a public meeting without being fearful of being arrested."

Glasheen was one of 12 people who addressed the school board on Tuesday. Many of them voiced their frustration with the board for firing Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Story last month.

One current teacher expressed his support for the administration, the only one out of the 12 speaking in favor of the school district. The lawyer for Wilson ISD, David Backus, was on hand to make sure board meeting policy was followed.

"I haven't seen the lawsuit," Backus said. "I suspect we will have success in defending any lawsuit that's being brought. The administration has done nothing that's contrary to school law, it's done nothing to offend the right of the teachers. The school board took its action at the last school board meeting, the teachers were on school grounds the next day and because of disruptions that were occurring to the educational environment the superintendent, in accordance with board policy, determined that it was in the best interests of the school."

Glasheen and Backus discussed whether the teachers were fired legally or whether their rights had been violated after the meeting.

Both Michelle Story and Patricia Johnson were in attendance. Many former students ran to the teachers as they left giving them hugs and speaking with them. Both women are still unsure whether or not they will be able to attend their children's events, but they are hoping for the best.

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