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Lead Singer of 'Lonestar' wins $1,000 New Mexico Lottery prize

Richie McDonald (Source: New Mexico Lottery) Richie McDonald (Source: New Mexico Lottery)

Provided by New Mexico Lottery

ALBUQUERQUE – After winning a $1,000 Scratcher™ prize late today, "Lonestar" lead singer Richie McDonald set up an electric keyboard and performed a three-song concert at the New Mexico Lottery.

"I've never won anything," McDonald told lottery officials.

McDonald and Lonestar transportation manager Kevin Hamlin were driving through New Mexico on their way to a concert in Las Vegas, Nev. After fueling the band's 65-foot-long tour bus at the Pilot Travel Center in Moriarty, McDonald bought a ticket from the lottery's "$100,000 Cash Jackpot" Scratcher game.

With Hamlin at the wheel, McDonald played the $10 game as they drove through Albuquerque.

"He came up to the front of the bus and said ‘I think I won,'" Hamlin said. "He's going to buy me dinner."

After serenading lottery employees, McDonald did a phone interview with a syndicated radio show based in New York. The DJ asked McDonald to tell listeners a few things they may not know about him.

"I told him I could ride a bicycle backward, that I'm a pretty good basketball player and that I just won the New Mexico Lottery," McDonald said.

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