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Lubbock mom supports council action against synthetic marijuana

Jeannine Kelley Jeannine Kelley

It was at packed house at Thursday night's City Council meeting, with citizens filling the room hoping to speak about a number of topics.

In the end, only one was discussed - an amendment to the synthetic marijuana ordinance.

Many people got up to address the council both in favor of and in opposition to the city's plan.

"We're a community-based group of citizens with the same goal, to remove this drug from the shelves of our retailers. It's got to go," said Jeannine Kelley. "I'm sorry, I'm getting a little choked up because I'm real passionate about this. I've known too many people personally that this has affected."

"I think if you stop the shops from selling it, that's what you're going to do. You're going to drive it underground and it's going to get worse," said another man who spoke in opposition to the amendment. He fears synthetic weed already has a large underground market that will get even bigger.

"We have a family member that is highly addicted to this. He's been in the hospital twice," said another woman.

After each speaker council members took their turns reassuring everyone that they are working towards eliminating this drug.

"I will tell you that we are working diligently to find something more effective," said Mayor Pro Tem Karen Gibson. "I just think we just have to keep fighting."

"We're doing what we can and we will do whatever we can when we can come up with a better solution Right now this is about the best we can do," said Councilman Jim Gerlt.

"It's another step in a long ongoing process," said Councilman Todd Klein.

Ultimately the amendment passed 5 to 1. Mayor Glen Robertson was the only dissenting vote.

"We were out here tonight to support the ordinance they are doing. They are putting more chemicals on the ban list for the synthetic marijuana," Kelley said. "It's deadly, literally. People will have seizures, heart attacks, blood clots, aneurysms."

Kelley is a member of W.A.S.P or Warriors Against Synthetic Pot. They protest around Lubbock to try and bring awareness to how dangerous this drug is.

To people who think the government shouldn't tell people what to consume, she has a clear message:

"You're wrong. Wait until somebody in your life dies. Wait until you walk in and find your son face down, blue and dead," she said.

The council also voted 6 to 0 to postpone the vote about the proposed Love's Travel off of I-27 and Regis.

This comes after the company emailed the city council asking to postpone so they could have more time to answer questions raised by residents of the area and give the council a more information before they vote.

At the last council meeting, council members warned Love's that unless they took citizen requests into account their yes votes could change to no.

The council also decided to postpone a discussion about the NELCDC.

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