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Marijuana More Potent Than Ever

A government warning says marijuana is more potent than ever. That much of the stuff that is seized is turning out to be twice as potent as the marijuana of the 60's and 70's.

"It is delivered directly to their brain, where it has an impact on their brain. A 12-year-old will have profound and disturbing effects from having initiated drug use that can effect you life long," says Dr. Andrea Grubb-Barthwell, a former deputy drug czar.

Dr. Barthwell says the government is launching a new ad campaign to encourage parents to get involved and keep their kids from experimenting with pot. Meanwhile, there are still those pushing to legalize marijuana for its medical benefits. Patients like Julie Falco insist it provides the control she needs to cope with multiple sclerosis. But again, the government says it may help a few patients but that parents should know there are many studies now that show how badly marijuana impairs memory, and potentially damages the heart and the immune system.

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