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City Council candidate donates campaign contributions to charity

Pictured: Maurice Stanley Pictured: Maurice Stanley

Lubbock City Council Candidate Maurice Stanley, who is seeking the District 3 seat, addressed questions about his campaign fundraising on Monday. 

On Monday, April 7th, he reported $8,660.89 in campaign contributions. $2,740 of that came from a contribution jar at his barber shop.

The Texas Ethics Commission requires an itemized list of those who give $50 or more, and limits cash contributions to $100 per person within a reporting period.

Stanley announced Monday that he did not keep track of who donated to his contribution jar, or how much they gave. He's said he's now giving that money to charity in an effort to avoid any campaign finance violations.

"My understanding was that if it was under $50 it didn't need to be itemized," Stanley said, "and so I didn't worry about it. It was a mistake on my part. I accept full responsibility for that. I own it."

Stanley said he'll continue to use the contribution jar, but will keep track of who donates to it.

We reached out to Stanley's opponents in the District 3 race about the importance documenting contributions.

"Transparency is vitally important in our election system," Jeff Griffith said.

"If people who live here know that the money comes from the taxpayers and the people who are out there working hard to meet those even hidden taxes on utility bills, then it's going to make a difference," Deanne Clark said.

Voters will decide on the District 3 seat on May 10th. Todd Klein currently holds that seat, but is not running for re-election. Early voting begins on April 28th.

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