Could your babies' blues be related to the TV?

Some babies are so easy, they hardly ever fuss. But, we all know some babies are just born a little more temperamental than others, right?

Well, a new study at Boston Medical Center finds parents who use television to calm a temperamental toddler are not helping the situation.

The study says while TV's bright lights seem to focus the babies' attention, they can actually over-stimulate kids, making them even fussier.

"Infants and toddlers who were the most difficult between nine months and two years, they had a 40% greater chance of being exposed to what we call excessive media use. Any minutes of TV that they're watching are replacing the really important parent-child interactions and learning opportunities and play opportunities that are really important for child development," says Dr. Jenny Radesky, with Boston Medical Center.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no TV for babies, and by age two, no more than two hours of screen time a day.

The study is in the journal 'Pediatrics'.

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