How to deal with addiction when you're family of the addict

A recent national survey on drug use estimates as many as 23 million Americans may be addicted to alcohol or some other drug. The experts will tell you the first step in recovery, is understanding that addiction is a disease.

But here's why the recovery process includes more than a promise from the addict.

"When people get sick, everybody around them gets sick, same with this disease, when one person in the family gets sick, everybody gets sick, even when people say to me, 'well I didn't do anything, why do I have to?' well, listen, if you're around a person that gets sick, you're going to suffer some consequences, if you don't seek recovery for yourself, if you don't to the things that will make you well, then you don't give your loved one the best chance to be well," says Dr. Sterling Shumway, the director of family services at the Ranch at Dove Tree.

Dr. Shumway is also a professor at Texas Tech. He has also co-authored a new book called" 6 essentials to achieve lasting recovery," which walks families through a lasting effort to break addiction and build meaningful relationships.

You may also want to access the website, for videos to help you with any other questions.

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