Oralair approval

Recently we told you about a new pill on the horizon called Oralair, that some allergists are calling a breakthrough in allergy treatment, since it might even be able to replace shots for some patients.

It is now FDA approved, and could be available nationwide as early next month.

"It's the first significant development in allergy treatment in 120 years. We've been giving allergy shots just like we always have for the last 100 years or more and now we're offering a new oral therapy for those who have allergies," says allergist Dr. James B. Harris.

The Oralair study was done in the course of an entire year to study allergies even in advance of problems flaring. This pill will only help those suffering from grass and ragweed. But it opens the door to other relief later, helping other allergy sufferers including food or pet allergies down the road.

Oralair will be available to those who suffer from grass pollen allergies next month. But because patients need to start the pill four months before allergy season many sufferers won't get it in time to ward off early summer symptoms this year.

But Dr. Harris says for some it may be worth a try. He adds it signals a major shift in immunotherapy which is how doctors expose patients to decrease sensitivity, for decades with shots. Harris is hopeful that Oralair will soon be available for ragweed sufferers and that down the line those with food allergies might also benefit.

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