E-cigarettes: do they help, or cause harm?

Now that e-cigarettes have been around for nearly seven years, a new concern comes from the University of Maryland that instead of helping smokers quit; they are becoming so popular, that they could encourage others to start smoking.

"The smoking rates are under 20% and you don't see smoking on TV. You don't see smoking in buildings, with e-cigarettes there's the possibility you could reverse that and we have ads on TV that look very much like the early cigarette ads, glamorizing it in the same way," says Pamela Clark, who is with the Tobacco Center of Regulatory Science.

Clark says studies show one in 10 high school students have tried e-cigarettes, with flavors that be more likely to attract young people, like melon head, cake batter and gummy bear.

E-cigarettes are not regulated by the FDA, meaning it's not a medically-approved method to quit smoking.

Also, they haven't been studied long term, so no one knows the long-term health effects of inhaling just nicotine.

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