Kids and their food: how to help them expand their healthy horizons

We always teach our kids to say please and thank you, that's easy. It's much harder to teach them to try new foods.

It helps if we set an example and eat healthy too, but Wendy Palmer, a registered dietitian, brings tough love into the kitchen. She says she thinks parents tend to forget that their job is done as soon as the food is on the table.

"We shouldn't be worried if our kids skip one meal because they don't like what we've provided. My philosophy there is they're going to come to the next meal with a better appetite and be more open to trying food maybe they haven't tried before," says Palmer.

Wendy says kids seem to be the hungriest while you're cooking dinner, which is a great opportunity to put some fruits and veggies on the table for healthy snacking before the meal. She says you can also make healthy food look more fun to eat, by using cookie cutters or creative displays to change the way it is served.

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