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Consider This...McCartney's Lubbock date more than a concert

Few events capture the interest and attention of multiple generations in an entire region.

Well that's exactly what happened when KCBD broke the story of Paul McCartney's upcoming concert in Lubbock.

June 14th, this legendary Beatle will take the stage at the United Spirit Arena and deliver what is sure to be a spectacular show.

McCartney's affinity for Buddy Holly is not secret. and obviously this is more than a music legend playing a tour date in Lubbock. This is about a legend paying tribute to a city that produced a legend - an idol's idol, so to speak.

It's as if Paul McCartney is giving Lubbock just a little bit of credit for his iconic career, and it didn't happen overnight.

Consider this:

This is perhaps the biggest entertainment event Lubbock has ever seen. and it is the result of years of hard work and persistence by some visionary Lubbockites.

Letter writing campaigns, countless phone calls, and hundreds of e-mails have paved the way for McCartney's Lubbock visit.

You know who you are. so thank you to everyone involved behind the scenes. Your work will now be known as the ultimate honor for Lubbock's favorite son.

Click here for details about how and where to get tickets.

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