Cinemama app: a new way to remember your pregnancy

Whether your 40 weeks of pregnancy seem to drag on forever, or fly by way too fast, now there's a way to remember every moment forever, thanks to the March of Dimes.

It's a new app called "cinemama." The app sends expectant moms reminders to take a belly photo every day that eventually become a movie or slideshow customized with music and text.

"I thought it was a neat way to document my pregnancy. I wanted to document my pregnancy and my growing belly anyways, so I used that and it's just a really cool app," says new mom Megan McClintock.

"The March of Dimes is all about healthy babies helping moms have full term pregnancies, and the 'cinemama' app is a way to connect and help moms have a healthy pregnancy and document their pregnancy," says Jessica Putallaz, with March of Dimes.

The app also provides week by week health information, and a special diary section to help pregnant women track milestones along the way.

The "cinemama app" is available for free, but you need to have a Facebook profile to use it.

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