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Patients Needed For Research

A new study underway now is looking for patients to participate in some research.

If you have prostate cancer, with evidence that it is continuing to spread despite being treated with hormones, a new vaccine called Provenge is stimulating the patient's own immune system to help fight off the disease.

It works by taking the patient's own white blood cells so they can be activated with the Provenge, then, after 36 hours, the now activated cells are then reinfused or given back to the patient as cancer fighters. What's actually happening is that the Provenge vaccine has a molecular key that fits into the lock on the patients white blood cells. That stimulates those cells to "present" or display lots of prostate marker so when they go back kin to the body the patient's t-cells are activated to become cancer killer cells.

For more information on this trial study, call 1-866-4PROSTATE or ( click here ).

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