Community rallies after March of Dimes trailer theft

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - When a trailer full of donated items for a March of Dimes fundraiser disappeared the day before the garage sale last week, Rosanne Walker could only hope for a miracle.

The Lubbock community gave her just that.

After the public heard Walker's story, she said the garage sale raised over $4,000 when previous biannual garage sales they have hosted have only raised $5,000 combined.

One couple even paid Walker $1,000 for two chocolate bars.

"I'm still just kind of speechless," Walker said, "I don't know how to thank them enough, that that's what they felt like they could do that day, and just to help to reach out and to help turn such an ugly situation into something so good."

Walker's family and friends formed Team Kole in 2006 after she gave birth to her son Kole at 28 weeks.

He died 12 hours later.

Team Kole hosts these biannual garage sales to benefit March of Dimes in honor of Kole's life.

Walker said that more people donated money to the garage sale because they now know Team Kole's and how serious the family is to continue their efforts to give back to an organization that helped them so much.

"It just became more personal, and people felt more open to tell us their stories and to tell us that they felt for us and wanted us to do good," she said, "and so it was just more touching this way."

Walker recently formed a Facebook page titled "Team Kole," where she will post donation opportunities and dates for the next garage sales.

She asks anyone interested in donating to visit this page.

She also said her family is offering a $500 reward for the return of their trailer.

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