The ART of family

This is national infertility awareness week, as well as the 25th anniversary of the first test tube baby conceived at Texas Tech, which launched Texas Tech into an elite group of universities with that kind of success in the late 80s.

The good news for couples today is that 25 years later, test tube babies are as routine as "ART", which stands for assisted reproductive technologies.

"According to national statistics, one in six couples seeking pregnancy are going to have difficulty. In fact, the CDC just reported its latest set of data, which shows about two percent of all births in the united states are the result of some ART procedure, "says Dr. Sam Prien, a professor in the department of OB-GYN at the Texas Tech Health Science Center.

Dr. Prien also says if that number sounds high, remember more people today are waiting later to start their families.

But today, he says, couples will soon benefit from the next generation of technology which includes harvesting cells to genetically screen for the healthiest possible embryo.

That new screening effort will begin at Texas Tech sometime this fall.

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