Sexual Assault Awareness: Why 96 hours is key

One in six women in this country will experience rape or attempted rape at sometime in their lives.

That's not just a guess from the Department of Health and Human Services, we know sexual assault is a serious problem here at home too.

"We saw about 331 cases in Lubbock last year, 40% of those were under the age of 17, so we see children and adults of all ages, from infancy or not, all the way up, until about the elderly," says Chris Scott-Johnson.

April is sexual assault awareness month, and Chris says it's important for women to remember 96 hours. That is the small window of time in which evidence can be saved from an examination.

Chris also adds that it is very important for any assault victim to see help in the E. R. as soon as possible, because after 96 hours, the evidence is gone.

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