Regulating the e-cigarette industry

Tonight, we see the first step towards regulating e-cigarettes.

It comes from a proposal by the FDA which would require manufacturers to disclose the ingredients of their products, which contain at the very least, nicotine and water, along with any number of other, unknown chemicals. An e-cigarette industry spokesman agrees this would make a better, safer product.

"You find companies now basically mixing this product in the back rooms of their shop and they don't have the proper settings to do so," says Ray Story, who is with the tobacco vapor electronic association.

The regulations would prohibit the sale of e-cigarettes to kids under age 18, but does not halt online sales, television advertising, or flavors, which many argue is what attracts kids in the first place.

The FDA is asking for input from the industry and the public, before the rules are finalized, a process that could take a year.

The rules would also affect cigars, water pipe tobacco (hookahs) and nicotine gels.

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