Organ donation: how you can save a life

Five million people have signed up to be an organ donor in Texas. That's about one out of five, when you consider how many people could be organ donors in Texas.

April is national donate life month. Even though you might think you're too sick, or too old to be an organ donor, you'd be surprised at who could save a life, and what it means to another family when you sign the donor registry.

"You can be a donor, all ages, and even people with diabetes, hepatitis, things like that; you can still potentially be an organ donor. When you see a mom kneel down and listen to her…her…I'm gonna get choked up, listen to her loved one's heart in someone else's chest beating, that's pretty cool," says Dr. Greg Oliver, the Executive Director for the Great Plains Lions Eye Bank.

Greg says 18 people die every day waiting on the list for an organ donation. You can sign the donor registry when you get your driver's license. Or contact

By the way, Greg says the number of people on the registry who end up becoming an organ donor, is less than one percent.

For more information, you can also go to

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