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Suspected Dallas Bank Robber Turns Himself Over to Lubbock Authorities

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31-year-old Guadalupe Fajardo is believed to be a member of the "Takeover Bandit" which has been linked to more than 60 armed robberies in Dallas in the past two years.

The FBI says Fajardo was transferred early Monday afternoon by plane and is now in custody at the Dallas County Jail. Investigators are hoping he can lead them to at least two other suspects still on the run.

The man hunt is on for at least two other members of the "Takeover Bandits." FBI agents and Dallas police say they are a gang of Hispanic men responsible for more than 60 armed bank robberies in the Dallas area.

The latest heist was at a Richardson Bank last week three suspects carried high powered assault rifles and shot at five police cars, injuring one police officer. Slaton Police Detective Tad Ellis says Fajardo turned himself in to Slaton police when he heard from family in Dallas he was a wanted man. "He showed up and wanted some information as to why his name and picture were on the TV in Dallas," said Ellis.

Fajardo was in the Slaton area visiting his in-laws. Ellis says Fajardo and his wife drove separate cars to Slaton. Both cars have been confiscated by investigators. Meanwhile, Ellis says Fajardo is trying to say it is all a misunderstanding, but the FBI says they are confident, Fajardo is one of the three suspects they are looking for. "He does have an extensive history out of California for weapons, offenses, and drugs," said Ellis.

Fajardo is charged with aggravated robbery and attempted capital murder out of Richardson Texas. His bond is set at $2 million.

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