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Advisory board considers selling Lubbock water


Many communities across the South Plains are in desperate need of water. That's led one town to consider buying water from Lubbock.

"In talking with the city manager of Post today. She indicated that they really feel right now that they don't have a need and that Slaton and White River should be able to supply them with the water that they need," said Director of Water Utilities Aubrey Spear.

"Our recommendation might be that there's maybe emergency short term needs based on catastrophic events that they could potentially be assisted but nothing long term that could make them dependant."

Spear says the city of Post gets one third of its water from Slaton and the other two thirds from White River. A city of Lubbock study concluded that both of those cities should be able to handle the needs of Post. Thursday's discussion was in preparation for the worst case scenario, but even if it came to pass there are still a lot of things that need to be approved.

"There are several hurdles that have to be overcome," Spear said. "The city council of Post would have to agree to the contractual terms, the city council of Lubbock would have to agree and the Canadian River Municipal Water Authority have to consent to water being sold by the city of Lubbock or any of the 11 cities."

If Lubbock were to sell water to Post it would come from CRMWA, not Lake Alan Henry, and would only be a small percentage of what we use.

"It appears on a peak day we'd only have .35 million gallons a day. To give you some perspective, the city of Lubbock's average daily demand is 35 million gallons a day. That represents about 1 percent," said Spear. "There are some constraints or bottlenecks in the pipeline that will only allow us to move a certain amount of water through there that would be helpful."

The city of Post would have to pay more than residents of Lubbock.

"It is a 1.5 multiplier. They pay 50 percent more than what a citizen of Lubbock would for that water."

Other cities in the area have discussed emergency options with the city, including Wolfforth, but Spear says any water sales would be temporary.

"The City of Wolfforth has discussed with the city staff. They came to the water advisory commission a few months ago indicating that there potentially might be some interest on their part to tie into our system for emergency water only," he said.

"It will be a defined emergency, for example, if they had an outage in their system, a natural disaster and for a 24 or 48 hour period they needed a water supply - that there would be a defined emergency and a very brief period of time they could purchase water from us but it would be a very short period."

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